Qin Yi’s Ex-Husband, Jin Yan, commonly known as Raymond King in English, was a Korean-born Chinese actor who rose to prominence in Shanghai during China’s Golden Age of Cinema.

His family relocated to China in 1912, following Japan’s conquest of Korea. Jin Yan started working for Shanghai’s Mingxing Film Company in 1927.

Qin Yi Ex-Husband Jin Yan
Qin Yi Ex-Husband Jin Yan

In the 1930s, his acting abilities and gaze rapidly gained his reputation. Shanghai was the major filmmaking center in mainland China at the time1. “The Emperor of Films” and “Rudolph Valentino of Shanghai” are two of his nicknames2.

Qin Yi Ex-Husband Jin Yan Private Life

His marriage to Wang Renmei3, a Chinese actress, was announced on January 1, 1934. Jin Yan and Wang Renmei fled to Hong Kong4, then to Kunming, after Japan invaded China and captured Shanghai in 1937.

They have a hard life there, with limited resources and a variety of jobs to support themselves.

Jin Yan was married to Qin Yi from 1947 to 1983. Jin Jie, their son, was diagnosed with schizophrenia and was unable to live freely. Qin Yi was always there for him, even when her husband died in 1983.

She also championed the cause of the disabled. Jin Jie had a flair for drawing, despite his mental illness.

Actor Arnold Schwarzenegger bought one of his paintings for US$25,000 at a charity auction in Shanghai in 2002 and complimented Qin Yi for her devotion to her kid.

Jin Jie died at the age of 59 in 2007.  She had set aside 200,000 yuan for her son’s care, but since he had died, she donated the entire sum to the earthquake victims in Sichuan in 2008.


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