R Kelly is an American singer, songwriter, record producer, and convicted sex offender. In his book, Kelly wrote that he had a lover named Lulu when he was eight years old.

She drowned after being pushed into the water by a fast-moving river during their last play date, he said. They had gotten into an argument with some bigger kids over a play spot along the creek. Kelly referred to Lulu as the influence for his first song.

R. Kelly and his family
R. Kelly and his Family

When Kelly’s mother and grandfather weren’t around, he recalled, people in his house acted differently. In the years between the ages of eight and fourteen, he was subjected to sexual assault by an older female family member.

It was revealed that Kelly’s younger brother Carey had been sexually abused for years by Theresa, Kelly’s older sister, who was given the responsibility of watching over her brothers.

It was only after years of questioning by Carey and Kelly that Theresa finally admitted to the abuse she had subjected them to that she was finally able to reveal the truth.

Joanne Kelly Nationality: Where is R Kelly’s mom From?

R Kelly’s mother, Joanne Kelly, was a schoolteacher and devout Baptist. She was born in Arkansas.

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Joanne Kelly was Kelly’s mother, however, there is no information available regarding the man who raised him. As a single parent, Joanne was responsible for Kelly’s upbringing together with his siblings. Unfortunately, she lost her battle with cancer in 1993 and passed away.

Joanne Kelly is R. Kelly’s mother. R. Kelly is an R&B artist and an admitted sexual predator. She not only had a successful career as a singer but also served as the choir director at her local Baptist church while she was raising her family there. Joanne was a single parent who brought up her four children, all of them were reared in the public housing projects of Chicago.


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