In 1993, R. Kelly’s mother, Joanne Kelly, succumbed to cancer. As a single mom, Kelly’s mother cared for her four children, including Robert, Carey, Theresa, and Bruce.

An interview with GQ highlighted the “crush” on his mother Kelly and the closeness between the two. In 1993, Joanne Kelly succumbed to cancer. After her passing, Kelly began to devote more time to gospel music.

Joanne Kelly Grandchildren: Jay Kelly, Joann Kelly and Robert Kelly Jr.

Jay Kelly, Joann Kelly, and Robert are the grandchildren of Joanne Kelly who happens to be R. Kelly’s mother. She was born on March 19, 1998, making Joann Kelly the oldest of the three daughters the Kelly family has.

She is Kelly’s daughter from his previous marriage to Andrea, who is also her mother. Joann is a musician that goes by the stage name Buku Abi when she plays. Jay, who was born in the year 2000 and is currently around 22 years old, is the child that falls in the middle position.

According to The Daily Mail, Jay disclosed their gender identity in the year 2014. According to an article published in Hollywood Life, Jay is also a musician, and he publishes his songs under the moniker JaahBaby.

The youngest member of R Kelly’s family is his son Robert Kelly Jr., who was born in the year 2002. The children that R. Kelly has been all raised by Andrea, their mother.

His son, who is now 20 years old, has a life that is less public and more private than the lives of his older brothers. In January of 2019, Andrea stated on The Bert Show that the defamed singer does not have a relationship with his children.


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