Joanne Kelly is R. Kelly’s mother. R. Kelly is an R&B artist and an admitted sexual predator. She not only had a successful career as a singer but also served as the choir director at her local Baptist church while she was raising her family there.

R Kelly
R Kelly

Joanne was a single parent who brought up her four children, all of them were reared in the public housing projects of Chicago.

Joanne Kelly Children: R. Kelly, Theresa Kelly and Carey Kelly

Joanne Kelly’s children are R. Kelly, Theresa Kelly, and Carey Kelly. Born in Chicago, Illinois, on January 8, 1967, R. Kelly is a well-known American musician, composer, record producer, and a current sex criminal offender. He is one of the greatest R&B and hip-hop artists of all time.

This week, a 30-year prison sentence was handed down to R&B performer “Exceptional” for alleged abuse of women and children, both physically and sexually. The prosecution had sought a 25-year sentence at the time.

A sex assault case has been filed against Grammy Award-winning musician R. Kelly, who may face jail time if convicted. Numerous allegations of sexual assault have been made against him by teenagers and children throughout the 1990s. For the record, he even married Aaliyah, an underage protege, even though it was forbidden.

For most of his troubled childhood years, he has talked openly and extensively about a claimed sexual assault by his older sister Theresa on him.

Lyricist and hip-hop musician Carey Kelly, 49, is no stranger to the world of hip hop. “I Confess,” a track he released under the alias “Carey Killa,” was a diss track directed at his brother R. Kelly.

Dissing his brother, Carey prepared a companion video in which Carey accused him of not attending his grandmother’s funeral and of leading him to lose interest in the music profession.


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