Johannes Strolz is an Austrian world cup alpine ski racer born on 12th September 1992. He specializes in the technical events of slalom and giant slalom.

His father is Hubert Strolz, the gold medalist in Combined at the 1988 Winter Olympics in Calgary. His father and he became the first father-son duo to both won gold in Alpine Skiing at the Olympics.

He was born in Bludenz, Austria, and has always trained and represented his home country Austria.

Being born to a dad who was an athlete himself, it’s no surprise that Johanness himself became an athlete. His words after he won the gold in the alpine combined 34years after his father was ‘it’s hard not to cry.’

Johannes Strolz Medals

Johannes Strolz has a total of two medals in his career. He finished first in the world cup slalom race podium at Adelboden in January 2022. He is also the gold medalist for the combined alpine skiing at the 2022 Beijing Olympics.

Johannes Strolz Olympics Medals

Johannes has one medal in the Olympics which is the gold medal he won for the combined alpine skiing at the 2022 Olympics held in Beijing, China. He had previously been out of the team before making a comeback to win the gold medal his father also won.


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