Is Albert Pujols Better Than Juan Soto?

After defeating Albert Pujols in the championship game of the Home Run Derby 2022 with a score of 19-18, Juan Soto became the first player to ever win the title of Home Run Derby champion.

Juan Soto, the right fielder for the Nationals, spent nearly an hour on Monday seated behind a podium and describing what he called a “tough,” “frustrating,” and “really bad” situation.

Albert Pujols
Albert Pujols

He said that it was difficult to “know who to trust” and that it caused “a lot of tension,” but the entire time, he could hardly keep a smile off his face.

This was eight hours before he won the Home Run Derby, beating off Mariners rookie center fielder Julio Rodriguez with a 19-dinger in the final round of competition. The first thing that Soto needed to do was consider his future.

He smiled at the waiting reporters as he arrived eight minutes early for his required media session, and then he quickly disappeared behind the backdrop.

Two minutes later, after making a joke about recording the news conference himself, he began taking questions from the audience. As he spoke about the changes that had taken place in his life, he gave the impression of being sincere.

Three years after Soto led the Nationals to an unexpected victory in the World Series, the Nationals are currently in last place, the team’s owners are publicly trying to sell them, and the front staff is unable to make decisions with a long-term perspective.

And on top of that, he is a young man who is not old enough to rent a car, is navigating all of this in a language that is not his first, and is attempting to accomplish his job despite not knowing where he will reside in two weeks.


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