Who is Katerina Tikhonova’s Husband Kirill Shamalov?

Tikhonova’s Husband ex-husband Kirill Nikolayevich Shamalov is a Russian entrepreneur, Katerina Tikhonova’s ex-husband, and Russian President Vladimir Putin’s ex-son-in-law.

He was the Russian government’s previous economic adviser. Nikolai Shamalov, a co-owner of Rossiya Bank, is his younger brother.

When Sibur’s owners promoted Shamalov from Vice President of Business Administration to Deputy CEO in 2012, he rose to the position of an industry leader.

Shamalov controlled 0.5 percent of the company, and his offshore company Kylsyth Investments Limited, headquartered in Belize, purchased a 3.8 percent interest for only US$100 in June 2013.

In August 2014, his Russian business Yauza 12 bought an extra 17 percent of Sibur from Gennady Timchenko, the company’s owner, for $2.2 billion with the help of a loan from Gazprombank

According to Bloomberg, Shamalov sold his shares of Sibur that he bought from Timchenko to Leonid Mikhelson, Sibur’s other owner, in April 2017.

Shamalov married Putin’s second daughter, Katerina Tikhonova, in February 2013 at Igora, a small ski resort near Sosnovo in the Leningrad Oblast.

Putin has two grandkids, but it’s unclear whether Tikhonova and Shamalov had any children together. Shamalov and Tikhonova divorced in January 2018. This breakup is said to have cost him half of his fortune.

Shamalov reportedly married Zhanna Volkova later that year. They have a child together. The pair split up in the middle of 2021 and are currently going through divorce proceedings.


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