Pasha Lee Cause of Death

Pasha Lee

Ukrainian actor and TV host, Pasha Lee who joined his country’s defense against the Russian invasion last week has died.

The 33-year-old had only signed up to Ukraine’s Territorial Defence Forces last week but died during Russian shelling in Irpin, just northwest of Kyiv.

His death was confirmed by Sergiy Tomilenko, President of Ukraine’s National Union of Journalists.

Pasha Lee Cause of Death

Pasha Lee died after enlisting in the Ukraine army’s Territorial Defence Forces. The actor was killed on 6 March during Russian shelling in Irpin, a town just northwest of Kyiv.

Who Was Pasha Lee?

Pasha Lee was born in Crimea, which was part of Ukraine but later annexed by Russia in 2014.

He came to acclaim in his nation of origin with 2016’s activity satire Selfie Party as well as 2017’s games activity film The Fight Rules and Meeting Of Classmates in 2019.

Lee was generally renowned as a host on the famous diversion program “Day At Home” and named films into Ukrainian, including The Lion King and The Hobbit.

He purportedly joined the Territorial Defense Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the primary day of the Russian attack and was positioned in Irpin.

A sum of 406 Ukrainian regular people including 27 kids have passed on since the contention started, the UN Human Rights Agency has said.

It added that 801 wounds have been accounted for too, albeit the genuine figure could be far higher.

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