Katy Perry Husband Now: Are Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom still married?

Katy Perry and fiance Orlando Bloom.

Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson, popularly known as Katy Perry is a singer, songwriter and was born on October 25, 1984, to strict Christian parents. Katy grew up in Santa Barbara, California; where she nurtured a passion for music.

At an early age, she started taking music lessons alongside her older sister, Angela. This passion and effort earned Katy a spot in her parent’s church as a singer. During Katy’s 13th birthday, she was given a guitar which she learned how to play very well.

In 2001, Katy released a gospel album with the Red Hill label which was not able to break through on the market. That didn’t break her as she persisted and put much effort into her music. In 2008, she was introduced to the music world with the release of her song “I Kissed A Girl”  which won the hearts and ears of most listeners. Ever since then, she has become a household name.

Katy Perry’s Relationship: Ex-Husband

In the summer of 2009, Russell Brand; Katy’s ex-husband whiles filming with her both developed strong feelings for each other and followed it up with a Hindu marriage ceremony in India. On December 30, 2011 Brand, announced that the two were going to go their separate ways and true to his words, 2012 saw the couple divorce.

Katy Perry with ex-husband Russell Brand
Katy Perry with ex-husband Russell Brand

Katy Perry Fiancé.

Katy Perry met her current fiancé; Orlando Bloom at the Golden Globes ceremony in 2016. According to Katy, Bloom stole a burger off of her table which caught her attention. This then followed with meet-ups at events and even dressing up as the two presidential opponents as of 2016; Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

In 2017, there was a brief split between the two but February 2018 saw them back as a pair, and a year later, on Valentine’s day, they announced their engagement to the rest of the world.

In December 2019 the two planned on tying the knot but had issues with the location so postponed it to 2020  but had to cancel it again due to the Corona Virus pandemic which had plagued the world.

Katy Perry Children

Orlando Bloom with Daisy Dove Bloom
Orlando Bloom with daughter Daisy Dove Bloom


Perry announced on social media that she was soon going to be a mother. Fast forward to August 26, 2020, the two welcomed their baby girl and named her Daisy Dove Bloom.

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