Born on August 21, 1980, in Harlem, New York’s focal point for jazz and human expression, Kelis Rogers had an early interest in music, on account of consolation from the two parents.

From the age of four, Kelis was acting in dance club the nation over with her jazz saxophonist father, Kenneth G. Rogers, who played with specialists like Dizzy Gillespie and Nancy Wilson.

At her mom’s asking, Kelis started concentrating on old-style violin at age two (she proceeded with her examinations for quite some time) and got the saxophone as a young person.

She likewise continued in her three more seasoned sister’s strides and sang with the Girls Choir of Harlem.

Her unique style was created out of the beautiful, specially crafted outfits her architect mother sewed for the Rogers young ladies to wear to school.

At 14 years old, Kelis signed up for LaGuardia High School for Music and Art and Performing Arts, where she concentrated on dramatization and theater.

There she formed an R&B trio called BLU (Black Ladies United), which caught the attention of hip-hop producer Goldfinghaz, who introduced Kelis to the Wu Tang Clan’s RZA.

Kelis Ex-Husbands: Meet Mike Mora and Nas

Kelis Rogers has been married twice and quite, unfortunately, her husband, Mike Mora. He died on March 15, 2022, after being diagnosed with four-stage cancer.

Mike Mora was a photographer and realtor. Mike Mora’s total assets are asserted to be $300,000, as indicated by ExactNetWorth at the time of his death.

Kelis met rapper Nas at an MTV Video Music Awards party in 2002; they dated for one year prior to becoming engaged in 2004 and wedding in January 2005.

In April 2009, she petitioned for legal separation, referring to hopeless contrasts. She was seven months pregnant at that point.

In July 2009, Kelis brought forth her first child. The couple’s separation was concluded in May 2010.


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