Kelly Peluga is one of the well-known members of the billionaire Pegula family. She is the daughter of two businessmen: Terry Pegula, co-owner with his wife Kim Pegula of Pegula Sports and Entertainment, which includes the Buffalo Sabres of the NHL and the Buffalo Bills of the NFL.

One of Kelly Pegula’s sisters, Jessica Pegula, is a well-known tennis player. Kelly Pegula has not provided any career-related information to the media. Pegula has also never been the focus of rumors or problems pertaining to her private life.

Kelly Peluga

Marilyn Kerr, Myron “Rip” Pegula, Ralph Kerr and Eloise Pegula

Marilyn Kerr and Ralph Kerr are the famed grandparents of billionaire child Kelly Peluga the daughter of Terry Peluga. The Kerrs are parents to Peluga’s mother Kim Peluga.

Myron “Rip” Pegula is known to be the famous father and grandfather of American billionaire Kelly Pegula whose father Terry Peluga deals in the development of natural gas

.When their kid was growing up in Carbondale, Pennsylvania 50 years ago, Eloise and Myron “Rip” Pegula were unable to spare any money (pop. 8,100). To help put food on the table, Eloise obtained jobs in the clothing industry.

According to the legend, Rip once jumped out of a window of a second-story schoolhouse, went to work in the coal mines, and never looked back.

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