Kid Rock Biography: Full Name, Age, Wife, Children, Net Worth

Kid Rock

Kid Rock is an American artist, artist musician, rapper, and record producer. A portion of his notable albums incorporates ‘The Polyfuze Method’ and ‘Villain Without a Cause.’

His melodic pieces contain different melodic styles like weighty metal, country rock, rap-rock, and Midwest hip jump.

Beforehand, he used to proceed as a DJ at a few events. His advantage in rap music since his childhood assumed a critical part in deciding his profession.

He recorded his introduction collection ‘Cornmeal Sandwiches for Breakfast’ with ‘Jive Records.’

His next collection ‘The Polyfuze Method’ with ‘Continuum Records’ became popular for one of its tunes named ‘Balls In Your Mouth.’

His album ‘Fire It Up’ addressed bluegrass music in his particular style.

Kid Rock Full Name

Kid Rock’s full name is Robert James Ritchie and he is also nicknamed Bobby Shazam.

Kid Rock Age

Kick Rock was born on January 17, 1971, thus aged 51.

Kid Rock Wife

Kid Rock and Pamela Anderson got married from 2006 to 2007. In April 2017, Kid Rock became engaged to his longtime girlfriend Audrey Berry.

Kid Rock Children

Kid Rock has a son called Robert James Ritchie Jr. Like his father, Ritchie Jr is also a keen musician and singer.

Kid Rock Net Worth

Kid Rock, the American multi-instrumentalist has a net worth of $150 million.

His collection ‘Fiend Without a Cause’ was his endeavor to address a street number through his melodic creation.

One of its singles named ‘Bawitdaba’ procured the collection its expected acknowledgment.

The tune ‘Everlastingly’ from the collection ‘Presumptuous’ in a roundabout way tended to his faultfinders. His collection ‘Child Rock’ was named one of the ’50 Greatest Albums of 2003′ by ‘Drifter’ magazine.

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