Kyle Rittenhouse, 17, of Antioch, Illinois, shot and killed two men in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

The shootings took place amid the demonstrations, rioting, and social disturbance that erupted after a white police officer shot and killed a black man, Jacob Blake.

 Kyle Rittenhouse
Kyle Rittenhouse

The three men Rittenhouse shot were all Caucasian. Rittenhouse was cleared of all charges after asserting the affirmative defense of self-defense.

Rittenhouse had joined a group of armed guys in Kenosha who said they were there to protect businesses.

Two counts of homicide, one count of attempted homicide, two counts of reckless endangerment, one count of unlawful possession of a firearm, and one count of curfew violation were filed against Rittenhouse.

His lawyer argued that his actions were in self-defense during his trial, which lasted from November 1 to November 19, 2021.

The accusations of unlawful possession and curfew violation were dismissed by Judge Bruce Schroeder as legally unsustainable, and a unanimous jury found Rittenhouse not guilty of the other offenses.

The shootings inflamed public opinion, and media coverage was both polarized and politicized.

Several right-wing politicians and figures applauded Rittenhouse’s acquittal, claiming that the shootings were in self-defense, while Vice President Joe Biden urged for the jury’s decision to be upheld.

Several left-wing politicians and figures condemned the verdict as a miscarriage of justice, claiming that it exemplified the American justice system’s racial double standards. Gun control supporters expressed concerns that the decision will encourage vigilantism.

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