Lady Gaga was born on 28th March 1986. Lady Gaga’s existence brought a blessing to her. She developed a passion for music at an early age.

Due to that, she attended The Tisch school for the Arts in New York. At that place, she studied Music but she dropped out of school. She decided to drop out of school to pursue her music dream.

Her music career brought a lot of gains to her as she was recognized internationally. Her first song. Her first single Just Dance became popular in the United States. It was played throughout the clubs in the United States. That provided a solid foundation for her music career. As a matter of fact, she became very popular in the United States.

Her first-ever song The Fame was one Of the songs that also promoted her music career. She produced other songs such as Monster, Telephone, etc. These were all part of her first album. Due to that, she received numerous awards as a result of her performance.

She was attributed one of Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People. She was also named by Forbes magazine as the most powerful woman. She won a lot of awards in 2010. This paved way for her to develop her later albums.

She released her third album, Born. It was another album that became competitive. She then released another album in 2013 called Artpop.


In fact, Lady Gaga’s fame was fueled as a result of her powerful and melodious albums. These albums were spectacular in nature. Indeed, Lady Gaga proved that music is her passion. She strived hard in the music industry and today it has paid her off.

She never wasted her passion. She made good use of it. Her destiny was in her own hands and she did exactly what her heart desires.

Today, Lady Gaga is viewed as one of the most influential women in the world. She gained enormous fame in the world. A lot of people across the world know her and her musical ability.


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