Leslie Jordan was an American actor, writer, and singer. Jordan described his trip from Tennessee to Hollywood in 1982 in his book titled “My Trip Down the Pink Carpet,” which was published in 2009.

According to a synopsis of the book provided by the publisher, the author “boarded a Greyhound bus destined for Los Angeles with $1,200 sewed into his underpants and never looked back.”

Leslie Jordan's Mother Peggy Ann Jordan
Leslie Jordan’s Mother Peggy Ann Jordan

The actor was able to find employment on television, appearing in episodes such as “The People Next Door,” “Designing Women,” and “The Fall Guy.”

In the Tony Award-winning play “Sordid Lives,” Jordan created the role of Earl “Brother Boy” Ingram, which he then went on to play in the independent film adaptation that was released in 2000.

On “Will & Grace,” he played the recurrent character of Karen’s friend Beverley Leslie, which made him a popular favorite among viewers. In addition, you may recognize him from his roles in “American Horror Story” and “The Cool Kids.”

Leslie Jordan Parents: Meet Leslie Jordan’s Mother Peggy Ann Jordan

Peggy Ann Jordan was the mother of Leslie Jordan. Not much is known about his father. On his various social media platforms, Leslie Jordan broke the news that his mother, Peggy Ann Griffin Jordan, had gone away.

Jordan, who had only started using Instagram at the time of the epidemic, made it a habit to post stories and pictures related to his mother on his many social media accounts. He moved back to his hometown of Chattanooga, Tennessee, to be closer to her.

An obituary states that Peggy Ann passed away on May 17, 2022, with her family members present at her bedside. It was the year 86.

Peggy Ann was a medical secretary and a real estate agent in Chattanooga, her hometown. She was born and raised in this city.

She tied the knot in 1953 with Major Allen Bernard Jordan who is alleged to be the father of Leslie Jordan.


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