Lexi Reed happened to be a weight loss influencer from Indiana who made waves on the internet when she documented her weight loss journey. The goal was to become healthy and be the best version of herself.

She made known how she lost over 300 pounds of weight by cutting down on some foods and changing her diet in general. She actually followed a series of strict diet procedures and exercising routines.

Reed started her weight loss journey in 2016 and has since been updating her followers on her Instagram page how far she has gone and how much she has achieved her goal and gained her confidence.

Lexi Reed Before And After

Reed had a lot of health issues and suffered from an inferiority complex because she was overweight. Thus she took it upon herself to change her situation and attain a healthy weight which led her into living a strict lifestyle.

From 2016 when she started her journey to date, a massive improvement has been seen and we can all attest to the fact that she has indeed lost some pounds of weight. A couple of days ago her husband reported she has been sick for a while and had been admitted into ICU after her organs started failing.

“She is currently in dialysis, can’t walk, and working on recovery ” Danny, her husband reported


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