Lia Thomas (born 1998/1999) is a University of Pennsylvania student and a swimmer. Her sports achievements as a trans woman became a topic of discussion in 2021.

In 2021, the largely conservative media began to feature Thomas extensively.

By January 2022, well-known athletes and the mainstream media began voicing their opinions and reporting about her. Thomas was “breaking records,” according to the Washington Post.

In a video interview with SwimSwam, Thomas explained her transition. Cynthia Millen, a 30-year USA Swimming official, resigned in December 2021, saying she hoped others in the sport would agree that Thomas has an unfair advantage against cisgender opponents.

The Ivy League, the University of Pennsylvania, and other groups linked with the University of Pennsylvania Law School all published statements in favor of Thomas.

Sixteen members of the University of Pennsylvania women’s swimming team wrote to the university and Ivy League officials, requesting that they not take legal action against the NCAA’s new transgender athlete policy, which could prevent Thomas from competing in the NCAA championships.

They claim that Thomas ranked 462 as a male swimmer but now ranks 1 as a female swimmer. Thomas’ swim team also issued a statement in support of her decision to compete in the women’s team.

Lia Thomas Swimmer Before

Thomas Lia was a male swimmer who ranked number 462 according to claims. Check his then photos below.

Lia Thomas Swimmer After

Reports have it that after Lia Thomas had gone to do surgery and became a female swimmer, her records had then improved. She is currently ranked the number 1 female swimmer.


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