Lia Thomas Swimmer Weight: How Much Does Lia Thomas Weigh?

Lia Thomas is around 70-80 kg in weight.

1999 marked the year when Lia was born. Women’s swimming records have been broken by Lia Thomas, a 22-year-old University of Pennsylvania student. She considers herself to be transgender.

Lia Thomas is a transgender woman who lives in Pennsylvania. In order to change her gender, she underwent surgery for gender reassignment surgery. Surgically changing her gender, Lia Thomas was once identified as a male. Following the destruction of the majority of female university records, she has suddenly gained notoriety.

Three years prior to the shift, she participated in the show as Will Thomas. According to NCCA guidelines, a woman must take testosterone suppression medication for a period of one year prior to competing. Lia has received a great deal of criticism for her behavior.

People on social media are divided into two groups: those who support the candidate and those who oppose the candidate (or defamers). As a member of the LGBTQ community, Lia considers it a privilege to represent them on the sports field.

As part of her current project, she is striving to create a more welcoming environment for transgender people who are entering the workforce.


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