• Lionnel Messi had a story to tell the world about his life. His journey to his career was a rough one but managed to sail through.

He was born on 24th June, 1987 in Rosario, Argentina. He was born to a working class family. He had the desire and passion for football since childhood.

In order to pursue his dream, he decided to join River Plate at a tender age. At age 11, Lionel Messi was already exhibiting his God – given talent in the  field of football.

He made progress with his football career. However, there was a barrier that worried him a bit. He was diagnosed of a growth deficiency hormone which slowed his growth.

As a matter of fact, he couldn’t grow tall. This was a medical condition that needed treatment if he is to play football. It wouldn’t have been a problem if he wasn’t into football. Height play a major role in football.

His local club, River Plate in Argentina felt reluctant to assist Messi in undergoing a surgery on his growth condition.

However, Barcelona under Carles Rexach offered to help. The intent to help was fueled by Messi’s impressive performance. The coach saw a bright future with Messi and that influenced his desire to help.

Lionnel Messi naturally has a talent. Barcelona made him to sign a contract to back their support to help his health condition. Barcelona took the cost of Messi’s surgery and sponsored it.

Due to this, Messi had to move from Argentina to Spain in order to settle there. He was given a Spanish citizenship. According to sources, he had the opportunity to play for Spain but he turned it down and rather played for Argentina.

Messi’s debut in Barcelona served as the gateway to Messi’s outstanding performance, awards and trophies. He won trophies such as the UEFA Champion’s league, Super Cup, etc with Barcelona. He performed extremely well in Argentina as well.

He has won the ball d’or 7 times. He stayed with Barcelona till 2021 when he decided to leave Barcelona and join PSG. He is currently at PSG and is adjudged the best player in the world.


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