The Tampa Bay Rays have so far won four East Division Titles. These include 2008, 2010, 2020, and 2021 East Division Titles.

Tampa Bay Rays 2008 East Division Title

The 2008 season saw the Tampa Bay Rays post their first winning season, their first AL East title, and their first American League flag (overcoming the adversary Boston Red Sox in the ALCS), however, they lost to the Philadelphia Phillies in that year’s World Series.

The 2008 Tampa Bay Rays season was the eleventh season in establishment history, and the main season where they were known as the Tampa Bay Rays, previously being known as the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. This was the third season with Joe Maddon dealing with the club.

In the wake of being tormented by vanity as the Devil Rays, hoarding simply a .398 prevailing upon rate their initial 10 years as an establishment and completing in last spot multiple times, the group completed their first season as the Rays with a 97-65 record to win their first American League East division title.

Tampa Bay Rays 2010 East Division Title

The Tampa Bay Rays’ 2010 season was their thirteenth period of baseball. They enhanced their 84-78 record from 2009 by completing the standard season 96-66 and fitting the bill for the postseason for the second time in history by winning their second AL East division title in three years.

Tampa Bay Rays 2020 East Division Title

The Tampa Bay Rays won their third East Division Title in 2020 after they beat the New York Yankees in the 2020 American League Division Series.

Tampa Bay Rays 2021 East Division Title

The Rays wrapped up with a 100-62 record, winning the American League East division title for the second continuous season. It was the initial time in establishment history the Rays rehashed as division champions, and the initial time in establishment history the Rays dominated 100 matches.


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