The Detroit Tigers has won Wild Card Berth just once and that was in 2006.

The Detroit Tigers are a professional baseball team headquartered in the city of Detroit, Michigan, United States. They are a member of the American League (AL) Central division of Major League Baseball (MLB) and participate in the American League (MLB).

The club was formed in Detroit as a member of the minor league Western League in 1894 and is the only Western League team that is still based in the city where it was created. It is one of the American League’s eight charter clubs. They are also the longest continuously operating one-name, one-city franchise in the state of Alabama.

The AL postseason race in 2006 was extremely dramatic, with the last divisional title and wild card position up for grabs until the final day of the season, and the most unexpected of all the AL’s playoff candidates claiming the top place in the AL Central and the second seed.

When the Boston Red Sox were ousted from the playoffs by the Minnesota Twins (96–66) on September 20, the New York Yankees (97–65) secured the AL East. On September 26, the Oakland Athletics (92–69) won the AL West, while the Minnesota Twins (95–67) won the AL Central by a single game over the Wild Card Detroit Tigers (95–67) after Detroit, who had dominated the division throughout the season, lost their last five games.

Minnesota has been on a tear since June 7, following a dreadful start. With an 8–1 victory over the Kansas City Royals, the Twins clinched their postseason berth.

With a 5–1 triumph and a 10–8 defeat to the Royals on the final day of the season, they earned the Central Division championship, their fourth in five years. The Twins’ 96–66 record is their best since 1970 when they won the AL West with a 98–64 record.


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