The Cleveland Guardians are an American professional Baseball team located in Cleveland. The team started its franchise as the Grand Rapid Rustlers in 1894 but relocated to Cleveland in 1900. During the team’s transfer to Cleveland, they got renamed Cleveland Lake Shores. After the 1914 season, the club’s owner asked baseball players to choose a name and they settled for the name Cleveland Indians.

In mid-2021, the management of the club announced a change in name to the club. The reason was, it was believed the name was disrespectful to the indigene; Indians of the land. The name was officially changed on November 19th, 2021 to Cleveland Guardians.

Fun facts about Cleveland Guardians.

  • The name Guardians was announced recently; late 2021.
  • The name Guardians will be shared with a local roller derby team because they claimed to have been the first to use this name.
  • Inspiration for the new name comes from the eight Guardians of Traffic statues displayed on the Hope Memorial Bridge next to their home field.
  • The first official Guardians game has been scheduled for March 31, 2022, against Kansas City Royals.
  •  Their colors are navy blue, red, white.

Over the years, and even in 2021, the radio broadcasters for the Guardians have been Tom Hamilton and Jim Rosenhaus.  With the year 2022, we anticipate them to be the broadcasters as well.

For the TV broadcasters, the broadcasters over the years and even 2021 have been Matt Underwood, Rick Manning, Andre Knott. This is the same individuals in charge of cable broadcasting as well. In 2022, we anticipate these will be the same ones in charge of Tv broadcasting for the Guardians.

March 31, 2022, will tell!!!


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