The Los Angeles Chargers are an American football professional team situated in the greater Los Angeles area. The Chargers have had some outstanding tight ends, including possibly the greatest tight end in franchise history.

Here is a list of 5 of the Los Angeles Chargers Best Tight Ends Players Of All-Time

1. Antonio Gates

The athleticism and history as a basketball player that Bill Gates possessed allowed him to dramatically transform the tight end position. Gates currently holds the team record most receptions by a tight end with 927, about 400 more than teammate Winslow, who is currently ranked second.

However, Gates not only had the most receptions of any tight end in franchise history, he also had the most receptions, receiving yards, and touchdowns ever. Only five other tight ends in league history have racked up more than his 114 career touchdown receptions.

2. Kellen Winslow

During his nine seasons with the Chargers, Winslow was selected to the Pro Bowl five times and helped the team advance to the playoffs four times in a row between 1979 and 1982. For his effort in the Orange Bowl in January 1982, he will always be remembered.

Winslow set an NFL playoff record with 13 receptions, despite injuring himself throughout the game. He finished the game with 166 yards and a score. In addition, he stopped a field goal in the game.

3. Freddie Jones

The second-round pick from North Carolina was Freddie Jones Although he only spent five seasons with the Chargers, his contributions to the team were significant. Each of his five seasons with the team, he caught at least 35 receptions and averaged at least 10 yards per grab.

In 2000, when he was one of the league’s greatest tight ends, he hauled in 71 catches for 766 yards and five touchdowns.

4. Dave Kocourek

As a member of the Chargers, Dave Kocourek played in the American Football League (AFL) for the rest of his career, helping the Bolts win the AFL championship in 1963. In that championship game, in which the New England Patriots lost 51-10, he only had one reception for five yards.

His tally was astounding, to say the least. He hauled in 218 receptions for 3,720 yards and 21 touchdowns over the course of six seasons. Because the AFL only had a 14-game season, these stats are even more impressive.

5. Pete Holohan

Pete Holohan caught 171 receptions for 2,073 yards in his career with the Chargers. Only four tight ends in the team’s history have caught more passes than him, despite the fact that he only scored seven touchdowns.


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