Makenna Lee Elrod is one of the victims of the Texas elementary school shooing which claimed the lives of at least 19 children of the school. 21 people lost their lives when the teenage shooter, Salvador Ramos, opened fire at the Texas elementary school on Tuesday, 24th May 2022.

Out of the 21 people that were killed, 19 were children and 2 were instructors of the school. The 18-year-old shooter, Salvador Ramos, was shot and killed by the police before he could cause more damage. 

Makenna Lee Elrod, unfortunately, happens to be one of the children that were shot. According to his family, she was seen sporting a black excessive and black shorts. The information on her death was posted on Facebook.


Makenna Lee Elrod
Makenna Lee Elrod

Although her family has not officially announced her death, friends and classmates of Makenna have extended their condolences to her family via Facebook.

Who Is Makenna Lee Elrod’s Father?

Makenna’s Father is called Brandon Elrod. Her father has been the one speaking to the media concerning how he was searching for his daughter following the shooting incident before he found out on Tuesday night, the 24th of May 20022 that his daughter was dead.

Who Is Makenna Lee Elrod’s Mother?

As it stands now, Makenna Lee Elrod’s mother’s identity has not been revealed yet. We have no idea who she is. Any information on her will be updated.


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