Makenna Lee Elrod, a 10-year-old Robb Elementary School student, has been missing since the school’s shooting on Tuesday.

Why Is Makenna Lee Elrod Popular?

On Tuesday, May 24, 2022, Robb Elementary School experienced a tragic loss when an 18-year-old shooter entered the school and opened fire inhumanely.

To date, a total of 22 deaths have been recorded, and a hunt for the missing kids is underway amid the turmoil and trauma.

Makenna was tragically reported dead late Tuesday night by a family acquaintance after her father, Brandon, stated that she had been missing since the incident and expressed concern that she might not be alive.

On Facebook, their relatives and Makenna’s friends’ parents have expressed their deepest sympathies to the Elrod family.

“We can’t find my daughter,” Brandon Elrod stated, adding that he was “on the way to the funeral home.”


He told KTRK, “It’s quite sad what this world is heading to.”


Makenna taught tumbling courses to Pilar Newberry’s daughter. She said: “Sweet Makenna Rest in Heaven!! My heart is broken because my daughter Chloe adored her!!”

“I’ll never forget her delight at meeting a new friend from another school! She gave her a friendship bracelet at the ballgame a few weeks ago, and she wears it every day! She’ll be upset when she wakes up tomorrow.

I’m praying fervently for her lovely family!!!!”


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