Mariana, a native of Porto Alegre, was raised by a Brazilian mother who has lived in Brazil all of her life and a Brazilian father who emigrated to Brazil from China.

When she first met Dante, she was a student at Boston University, and it took her ten years to complete her education. She supported charitable causes throughout Dante’s career and assisted in managing her son’s baseball clubs.

Dante Bichette entered a Gold’s Gym on Landsdowne Street, directly across from Fenway Park, in the 1991 campaign. The outfielder for the Milwaukee Brewers was in town to play the Red Sox.

It was Mariana Peng’s first day of employment at Gold’s. She worked at a pub on the same block while attending Boston University.

She made him a few protein shakes and toured him around the gym despite the fact that she had no idea who Dante was. Mariana and her manager were invited to the game that day by Dante after she made an impression on him.

She invited him to meet her and a few pals at the pub she worked at after the game.
In 1992, Dante Bichette Jr., their first child, was born. She gave birth to Bo in Orlando, Florida, six years later.

Mariana had no idea what Fenway Park was when she first met Dante. She had no idea what it actually meant to support the Boston Red Sox.

She was curious about Dante’s line of work. He often needed a massage during his profession, so she decided to get into it. More times than she could count, she moved and packed.

What Nationality is Bo Bichette Mother?

Mariana Bichette is Brazilian. She was born in Porto Alegre, Brazil.


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