Along with her sister Sarah, Mary Sanderson is one of the two secondary antagonists in the Disney movie Hocus Pocus originally in 1993. She and her two sisters were roused from their graves, and they made an effort to prevent their own reanimation by sucking the life energies of small children.

Mary is Winifred’s right-hand witch and does her utmost to soothe and subdue Winnie whenever she becomes enraged. Mary repeats whatever Winnie says and compliments her whenever she can in an effort to win Winnie over. She may not be as crafty or malicious as her older sister, but she is more capable, intelligent, and perceptive than Sarah. And not as snobby and brash as Sarah.

Of the Sanderson sisters, Mary is the one who shows the most concern for her sisters. Mary is the one who proposes they create a relaxing circle to reduce their tension, and Mary is the one who looks after Winnie when she loses hope. But when it comes to kids, Mary enjoys using her keen sense of smell to find them and suggests different ways to cook them, such as barbecue and “shish-ka-baby,” strongly suggesting that she and her sisters are cannibals.

Photos of Mary Sanderson’s Broom


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