Along with her sister Sarah, Mary Sanderson is one of the two minor antagonists in the 2022 prequel to the 1993 Disney film Hocus Pocus. Along with her two sisters, Winifred and Sarah, she was the middle witch living during the Salem Witch Trials.

When Max Dennison roused Mary and her sisters from their graves after 300 years, they tried to kidnap kids and steal their souls in an effort to stop themselves from aging and dying again. She has a talent for smelling out the presence of kids.

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Mary is the most composed and considerate of the three Sanderson sisters. But only her sisters are affected by the latter part. She looks up to Winifred and will do whatever to make sure her sister is content (both in general and with her).

She is far more cunning than Sarah but less capable than Winnie. She also has a very helpful ability: she can use her sense of smell to find youngsters.

Orange is Mary’s color of choice. She is dressed in an earthy patchwork skirt with earthy brown and orange colors, an orange peasant shirt, and ankle boots. Don’t forget to style your hair in the same unconventional way that she has. Everything you need to look like Mary Sanderson is provided here.

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