Philip Baker Hall was an American actor. Although known primarily as a prolific character actor, he starred in leading roles in films, such as Secret Honor, Hard Eight, and Duck.

His other supporting roles in films include ones in Say Anything…, Boogie Nights, The Truman Show, Magnolia, The Contender, Zodiac, and Argo.

Philip Baker
Philip Baker

Roger Ebert had the following to say about Hall and the movie: “Philip Baker Hall, an actor I had never seen before, plays the role of Richard Nixon with such terrible intensity, passion, malice, and scandal that we are unable to look away.

Hall has a few resemblances to the real Richard Nixon, including his appearance, his voice, and the fact that he could pass for Nixon’s cousin. That’s not far off either. This is not an attempt at impersonating someone else; rather, it is a performance.”

In addition, Vincent Canby of The New York Times had this to say about Hall: “Mr. Hall’s tremendous performance, which is as startling and hazardous as that of the Oscar-winning F. Murray Abraham in Amadeus.”

Meet Philip Baker Hall Mother Birdene McDonald

Birdene McDonald happens to be the mother of the late Philip Baker Hall. Philip’s mother Birdene McDonald married William Alexander Hall who was a factory worker from Montgomery, Alabama.


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