Cecilia Lavilla Berganza is the daughter of Opera Singer Teresa Berganza and Felix Lavilla.

Cecilia Lavilla Berganza was born in Madrid, Spain. She studies Dance and Dramatic Art in France and the United States. Isabel Penagos instructs her in singing.

She has specialized in Chamber Music since her debut in 1996, primarily in recitals (particularly French and Spanish music), which she prepares alongside Teresa Berganza, Felix Lavilla, and Juan Antonio Alvarez Parejo.

She has performed this repertoire in Spain, France, and Portugal’s major theaters and auditoriums.

She has also collaborated with Tu Shi Chiao, a vocal pair with romantic guitar, and the Diapente Quartet in recent years.

She frequently appears in opera performances in a variety of Spanish opera houses.

She also frequently collaborates with orchestras that specialize on oratorio. Victor Carbajo’s Major Works, Pergolesi’s Stabat Mater, collaboration with the Cello Octet Conjunto Ibérico, El Maestro de Baile y otra Tonadillas, with Ensemble Elym, and most recently, Felix Lavilla’s full works for voice and piano, with Josu Okiena, are among her most noteworthy recordings.

She was able to absorb Spanish music to its core, from all territories and eras, which was considered great in many ways and which feel a part because of everything I’ve been able to learn from and with it, but also large doses of French, English songs, Italian, Lied, oratorios… and chamber music gradually became the foundation of my activity.


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