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Meet Xi Jinping Mother Qi Xin; All You Need To Know About Qi Xin

Qi Xin was born on November 11, 1925, in Kaoyang, China. She was a Chinese author and a member of the Chinese communist party CCP where she wrote several articles about her husband Chinese communist revolutionary Xi Zhongxun. She is the mother of Xi Jinping who is the current CCP general secretary and Chinese President, also known as the paramount leader.

In 1938 during the Second Sino -Japanese war, Qi was attending a girl’s middle school in Beiping. But her elder sister Yun took her and they fled to Tunliu County after Beiping which is modern-day Beijing was taken the town by the Japanese army. She was educated at Counter -Japanese Military and Political University at Tunliu.

Meet Xi Jinping Mother Qi Xin; All You Need To Know About Qi Xin
Meet Xi Jinping Mother Qi Xin; All You Need To Know About Qi Xin


Later in 1939, Qi served as a team leader at a school in Changzhi County after she transferred there from Tunliu. She went to the Central Part school in 1941 after she met and married Xi Zhongxun three years later in April. The couple had their first child in 1949, a daughter named Qiaqiao, followed by another daughter An’an in 1952 and two sons Jinping and Yuanping.

Qi moved with her family to Beijing in 1952 so that her husband Xi Zhongxun could serve as the head of the propaganda department. She enrolled in the Marx School of Communism in 1953 and went very far away to work after her graduation leaving the kids for her husband to take care of them. Her job however gave her family some protection as her husband’s position was denounced but not imprisoned during the Cultural Revolution.

A documentary was made about Qi in 2001 where she explained her revolutionary background, titled ‘Loyal and Dependable-Qi Xin wife of Xi Zhongxun’. In the documentary, she also explained how she had brought up her children and the high expectation she had of them.

Jinping has often shared how his mother had influenced him in the ways of communism and the hardships he and his family had suffered after his father was purged.


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