Xi Zhongxun was a Chinese communist revolutionary leader and political official for China from the 1930s to the 1960s. He was born on October 15, 1913, to parents Xi Zongde and Chai Caihua in Fuping, China. Zhongxu died on the 24th of May,2002. He was succeeded by his wife, Qi Xin, and his children Xi Yuanping, Xi Qianping, Qi Qiaoqioa, Xi, Zhengning, Xi An’an Xi Heping, and Xi Jinping.

Xi is considered to be among the first and second generation of Chinese leadership due to the contributions he has made to the Chinese revolution and economic liberalization in the 1930s. He was known for his endurance, political moderation, and the setbacks he had suffered in his political career.

Who Is Xi Jinping Father Xi Zhongxun?
Who Is Xi Jinping Father Xi Zhongxun?

He was imprisoned and purged many times which had even led to the death of one of his daughters. His second son, Xi Jinping is the current General Secretary of the Communist Party. In 1930, Xi was appointed by the Chinese Communist Party(CCP) to work under Yang Hucheng.In March 1932, he led an uprising that failed within the army in Liangdang, Gansu.

During, the second Sino-Japanese war, Xi was in the Yan’an Soviet to manage civilian and military affairs and boost the economic production within the soviet. At the 7th national congress of the Chinese communist party in August 1945, Xi was named as an alternative member of the Central Committee and became the Deputy Director of the Part’s organization department. Xi Zhongxun was able to defeat Nationalist attacks on the Ya’an Soviet as World war II began to die down.

In September 1952, Xi was given the position of Chief of the Party’s Propaganda Department and supervised cultural and educational policies in the soviet. In 1956, he was elected as a member of the CCP Central Committee which rocketed him to the position of Vice-Premier working under Zhou Enlai where he was in charge of the State’s council lawmaking.

In 1962, Xi Zhongxun was accused by Kang Sheng of leading an anti-party clique for supporting the ‘Biography of Liu Zhidan’ (who was a Chinese military commander and military leader). Following the accusation, Xi was purged from all his positions and was imprisoned several times putting his family’s life in danger. He was demoted to serve as a manager in a tractor company in Luoyang after he was released from prison in 1975.


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