Born October 30, 1936, in Chicago, Merri Dee‘s family has established in New Orleans. Dee’s mom started giving birth during one of those northern journeys.

The youngest of six children, Dee was only two when her mom passed on. Her dad, John Blouin, a mailman, remarried four years after the fact, guiding Dee into the haziest days of her young life.

Subsequent to moving on from Chicago’s Englewood High School, Dee moved back to New Orleans to go to Xavier University, where she concentrated on business administration.

Dee fostered a continuing in Chicago radio, turning into a nearby big name. In 1968 she took the jump toward TV with WCIU 26 Chicago as host of a Saturday early evening entertainment show.

Her first guest was renowned jazz saxophonist Cannonball Adderley. One of a handful of the African-American ladies in communicating at that point, Dee was becoming one of the best.

Merri Dee Cause of Death

Merri Dee‘s Cause of death has been revealed by her family, according to the family, Merri Dee died peacefully in her sleep at home aged 85.

Merri Dee Husband

Merri Dee is survived Nicolas Fulop, who happens to be her second husband. The two married in 1999.

Merri Dee Children

Merri Dee had two children before she passed away. Their names are Toya Monet and Attorney Richard H. Wright.

Merri Dee Net Worth

Merri Dee had an estimated net worth of $5 million at the time of her death.

Merri Dee Age

Merri Dee was born on October 30, 1936. She died at her home on March 16, 2022, aged 85.


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