Miami Marlins Worst season In History

Formally known as the Florida Marlins, the Miami Marlins are a part of both the MLB’s National League Eastern Division and the NL. Sun Life Stadium served as the Marlins’ home field for the first nineteen seasons of the franchise.

Marlins Park in Little Havana has hosted Marlins games since 2012. However, the Miami Marlins are one of just two MLB teams to have never won a division championship; the other being the Colorado Rockies.

The Marlins have had both good and bad seasons since the foundation of their franchise.1998 was the team-worst season recording 54 wins and 108 losses.

1998 Season

The 1998 Florida Marlins season was the team’s sixth in the National League of Major League Baseball (MLB). After winning the 1997 World Series, the club would begin by attempting to retain its crown. Jim Leyland served as their manager. At Pro Player Stadium, they had the poorest record in all of baseball, going 54-108 in their home games.

The previous season’s World Series champions, the Marlins, finished last in their division and lost 100 games for the first time in franchise history. Adding insult to injury, the Tampa Bay Devil Rays, who finished bottom in their division (the AL East) with a record of 63-99, were nine games ahead of the Miami Marlins.

They then went on an 11-game losing streak, the longest by a defending champion. Against Cincinnati, San Francisco, and Milwaukee, the Marlins would record a 0–9 record. The Marlins of 1998 were the most recent team to go winless in three consecutive games.

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