Michael Wacha Height: How Tall is Michael Wacha?

How Tall is Michael Wacha?

Michael Wacha stands at a height of 1.98 m. He is one of the tallest players to be added to the Sox roster.

Wacha, who is 6′ 6″ (78 inches (200 cm) tall and weighs 210 pounds (95 kg), throws the identical pitch every time.

Wacha throws a sinking fastball that normally travels between 92 and 95 miles per hour (148 and 153 km/h), but may reach 97 miles per hour (156 km/h) on occasion.

His fastball has a lot of downward motion because of his high arm angle and release point.

Wacha’s changeup, which has a 10 to 12 mile per hour (16 to 19 km/h) reduction in velocity from his fastball, shows deep, fading movement to right-handed hitters.

Wacha’s arm angle is the same on both pitches, but his arm speed appears nearly comparable to the hitter, masking the velocity difference.

His fourth pitch, a slider, is similar to the cutter in that it lacks continuous breakdown and darts horizontally.

Wacha ascribed the increase in pitch velocity to weight growth as a result of physical activity and increased food consumption, saying that “the velocity just went on growing every single year.”

Late in the 2013 season, Wacha added a cutter to his arsenal, but he only used it 1.8 percent of the time. Wacha improved his confidence in the pitch after establishing a consistent grip throughout spring training in 2014.

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