Musa Yamak Cause Of Death: What Happened To Musa Yamak?

Musa Yamak, a 38-year-old former professional boxer who died suddenly of a heart attack after fainting in the ring, has been declared dead.

Musa Yamak
Musa Yamak

He faced Hamza Wandera in his ninth professional fight on Saturday, the unbeaten Turkish-born German fighter. In the second round of a local event in Buergerhaus, Garching near Munich, Yamak suffered a heavy shot.

However, as the light-heavyweight attempted to come out for round three, he dropped to the ground unconscious and died.

Yamak died from a heart attack at a local hospital, where doctors later determined he had been admitted.

It was in 2017 that this boxer from Munich, Germany, turned professional and, in 2021, he won the WBFed International title.

Yamak was taken to the hospital after collapsing in the ring, according to BILD, and the fight was called off. Removed the ring ropes and shifted chairs to make place for an ambulance after the fans had left.

Paramedics, according to German authorities, were held up outside the stadium because of delays caused by concertgoers.

Yamak’s tragic demise may have been a result of a delay in rescue efforts. The death of Armenian-born Russian boxer Arrest Sahakyan in January is the second in the ring this year.


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