Musa Askan Yamak was a professional German boxer who went undefeated in 75 professional matches before dying of a heart attack on May 15, 2022, at the age of 36.

He slumped in the ring and was sent to the hospital, where doctors later declared his death.

Musa Askan Yamak became the Asia-Europe light heavyweight boxing champion while holding the WBF and GBU belts, and he was undefeated in his 75 professional contests.

He also became the European champion in the 2019 Istanbul fight. Musa Askan Yamak was one of Germany’s most experienced boxers, having made his professional debut on October 13, 2017.

Musa Askan Yamak was born in Alucra, Giresun, Turkey, in the year 1986.

On Saturday, the unbeaten Turkish-born German faced Hamza Wandera in his tenth professional fight.
In the second round of a local exhibition in Buergerhaus, Garching, near Munich, Yamak took a hefty hit.

The light-heavyweight attempted to return for the third round but dropped to the floor and passed out.

Yamak later died in the hospital after being diagnosed with a heart attack.

In 2017, the Munich-based boxer became a pro, and in 2021, he won the WBFed International title.

Yamak fainted in the ring, and the boxing match was called off, according to BILD.

Family members and helpers pulled the ring ropes and shifted chairs to make room for the ambulance after the fans had departed the arena.

Fans outside the location, according to German police, delayed ambulances.

“The paramedics saw tumultuous scenes of emotionally aroused fans and family members on site,” a representative for the Munich police told BILD.

How Rich Is Musa Yamak?

Musa Yamak Net Worth is not known at the moment.

Is Musa Yamak A Millionaire?

We can’t say for a fact if he was a millionaire. An average boxer earns around $35,584 per year and after taxes, it seems far less than the actual figure


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