Naomi Judd Funeral: Will Grace Kelly Attend Naomi Judd Funeral?

Grace Kelly

After Naomi’s funeral, images and other details about the service and memorial will be released.

According to sources, the service will take place on Monday at 10 a.m. at the First Pentecostal Assembly of God. The interment will take place at Memorial Lawn Cemetery.

 Will Grace Kelly Attend Naomi Judd’s Funeral?

The granddaughter of Naomi Judd will not be present for the country music legend’s burial. Grace Kelley, Wynonna Judd’s daughter, is currently serving an eight-year term in Tennessee for making and distributing meth.

Grace Kelly
Grace Kelly

Kelley has not requested to be released for her grandmother’s funeral, despite the fact that inmates can request permission to attend family members’ funerals.

The Tennessee Department of Corrections spokeswoman, Dorinda Carter, told the Daily Mail, “We have not received a request.” “No one has approached me.”

Kelley was arrested in 2020, but one year later was granted parole. She was sentenced to prison again after breaking her probation.

Her next hearing for parole is set for the end of 2022. Wynonna, who has Grace and son Elijah with ex-husband Arch Kelley III, has previously expressed her love for her daughter.

“I’ll tell you something. In February 2020, she told Fox News, “My daughter is the strongest Judd lady in our “herstory.” 

“She’s in better shape than I was at 23.” I wouldn’t follow that route if I could, but I was also secluded. If I hadn’t had music, that could have been me.”


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