Nelly Kim Furtado ComIH is the true name of the well-known Canadian performer Nelly Furtado. Nelly Furtado, who was born on December 2, 1978, in Victoria, Canada, is well-known for being both a singer and a musician. Musician Nelly Furtado is credited with selling more than 40 million records globally, making her one of the most popular Canadian performers at the time.

When Nelly Furtado’s trip-hop album, “Whoa, Nelly!” was published in the year 2000, she gained greater notoriety. According to the accounts, the album was a critical and commercial triumph that had two number-one songs at the time. The singles were” I’m like a Bird” and “Turn Off the Light”.

With the help of the two tracks, Nelly was also able to secure a Grammy Award for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance. Then, in 2006, Nelly Furtado issued “Loose,” her subsequent album, which at the time was thought to be her third.The reports claim that the album generated buzz and, like the first album, it was a major hit, recording the day’s best sales.

Nelly was as well able to earn herself a Grammy Award for being the Best Female Pop Vocal Performance with the two singles, I’m like a Bird” and “Turn Off the Light”. Then in the year 2006.

Nelly Furtado released another album which was known to have been her third album at the time titled; “Loose”. According to the sources, the album as well made waves and like the first album, it was a smash hit recording the best sale at the end of the day.

Is Nelly Furtado Married?

Yes! Nelly Furtado was married. Furtado married sound engineer Demacio Castellon on July 19, 2008; they had collaborated on the film Loose. Furtado, however, confirmed her separation from Demacio in April 2017.


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