In American football, a tight end plays on the offensive at a position known as the tight end (TE). It is common for tight ends to have the qualities and duties of both offensive lineman and wide receiver. Because of their size and strength, they are often used as blocks on the offensive line like offensive linemen.

Because of the position’s hybrid character, the tight end’s function in any particular offense is dependent on the head coach’s tactical preferences and philosophy as well as the general team dynamic.
The tight end for the New York Giants is a position of considerable uncertainty.

Here is a list of 5 of the NY Giants Best Tight Ends Players Of All-Time

Mark Bavaro

As a rookie, Bavaro saw action right away, starting all 16 games. However, Bavaro’s big break didn’t come until the next season. Only Bavaro has two Super Bowl rings, two first-team All-Pro honors, and a season with over 1,000 yards to his name among the tight ends on this list.

Jeremy Shockey

As a tight end with the New York Giants, Jeremy Shockey was one of the hardest ever. In 2002, as a rookie, Shockey made a name for himself in the NFL. A first-round draft choice of the Giants out of Miami, the University of Miami product had an early impact for his new club and was named to the Pro Bowl and the All-Pro team in his first season in the NFL.

Aaron Thomas

Although he didn’t immediately make an impact, Thomas later earned the starting tight end job and had his greatest season in 1967, when he caught nine touchdown passes and had 877 yards of receiving yards. The Giants tight end record of 35 receiving touchdowns is still held by him.

Bob Tucker

Until midway through the 1977 season, Tucker was the starting tight end for the New York Giants. When Tucker was in New York, the Giants had a 35-67 record, which was appalling by any standard. His 4,376 receiving yards remain the team record for a tight end.

Howard Cross

A sixth-round draft pick out of Alabama, he spent 13 seasons with New York between 1989 and 2001. Cross was the only player to play in both the Super Bowls won by the 1991 Giants and the Super Bowls played by the 2000 Giants.


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