The Yankees are the only major league team with a more historical background than any other. There are more retired uniform numbers in Major League Baseball than any other sport, with the 21 retired in honor of the league’s greatest players and managers.

The Yankees have retired more numbers than any other club to date. On Jan. 6, 1940, team president Ed Barrow announced that Lou Gehrig’s No. 4 would be the first in Major League history to be retired. Derek Jeter’s No. 2 was the last of the Bombers’ single digits to be retired some 77 years later.

Retired Yankee Stadium uniform numbers are on display at Monument Park, representing a “who’s who?” of sports legends. Fan favorites from a variety of decades mingle with Yankees Hall of Famers, all of whom contributed to making the team’s name associated with success.

PLAYER AND JERSEY NUMBER                                DATE RETIRED

#1 Billy Martin                                                        August 10th, 1986
#2 Derek Jeter                                                             May 14, 2017
#3 Babe Ruth                                                               June 13th, 1948
#4 Lou Gehrig                                                             July 4th, 1939
#5 Joe DiMaggio                                                         April 18th, 1952
#6 Joe Torre                                                                  August 23, 2014
#7 Mickey Mantle                                                         June 8th, 1969
#8 Yogi Berra/Bill Dickey                                                  July 22nd, 1972

#9 Roger Maris                                                               July 22nd, 1984
#10 Phil Rizzuto                                                           August 4th, 1985
#15 Thurman Munson                                             September 20th, 1980
#16 Whitey Ford                                                            August 3rd, 1974
#20 Jorge Posada                                                          August 22nd, 2015
#23 Don Mattingly                                                        August 31st, 1997
#32 Elston Howard                                                          July 22nd, 1984
#37 Casey Stengel                                                         August 8th, 1970
#42 Mariano Rivera/Jackie Robinson                           September 22, 2013/April 15, 1997
#44 Reggie Jackson                                                     August 14th, 1993
#46 Andy Pettitte                                                          August 23rd, 2015
#49 Ron Guidry                                                            August 23rd, 2003

#51Bernie Williams                                                          May 24th, 2015


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