New York Yankees are an American professional baseball team based in New York City. The team started operation in 1901 but under the name of Orioles in Baltimore as members of the American League.

The leagues; American League and National League as at the time were at longer heads. Two years after the team’s existence, some players and coaches made a transition to the New York Giants.

Now, it is to note that the New York Giants were members of the NL who protested the creation of an AL baseball team in New York, causing the AL to open the Orioles in Baltimore. Thereby the genesis of these two leagues being at longer heads.

As players and coaches on the roster of Orioles transitioned to Giants it became a worry to many. In early 1903, a conference was held whereby it was agreed upon that a team should be placed in New York to compete alongside the Giants. The Orioles owners immediately moved their team to New York.

In New York, the team changed its name to New York Highlanders but people commonly referred to them as New York Americans. A Sports News Editor then used the synonymous name for American; “Yankee” or “Yanks” in a newspaper. The name Yankees he used was¬†purposely because New York Highlanders were quite lengthy for newspapers headlines. The name New York Yankees was officially adopted in 1913.

New York Yankees Stadium

The team has its colors as midnight navy blue, white, gray.

New York Yankees Starting Lineup 2022.

The Yankees haven’t played any match in 2022. As they prepare to play their first match this year, we have compiled a projected list. Below is the list of New York Yankees predicted to be part of the starting lineup in 2022;

  1. DJ LeMahieu
  2. Aaron Judge
  3. Aaron Hicks
  4. Giancarlo Stanton
  5. Corey Seager
  6. Joey Gallo
  7. Luke Volt
  8. Gary Sanchez
  9. Giovanny Urshela

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