The season is coming to a head, and we have to consider who will come out on top in the NHL. We are sure you already have your guesses about who will come out as the top dogs, but we should have a proper look at who everyone is saying the favorites are. 

The favorites will give you an idea for your NHL betting, they might not win, not necessarily, but understanding why the favorites are so will give us a better understanding of what we are looking at in terms of the bets we should make. 

An underdog team can always surprise us, so don’t think that favorites are solidified in stone, however, favorites can usually take the cake as well. 

So, who are the favorites for this NHL season? Let’s take a look at the current odds first shall we?

What Are The Stanley Cup Odds?

This season there is only one Canadian team left in the NHL game, and their odds sit at +5500 at the moment, so it is not looking so great for them. 

There are three teams all with more promising odds at the moment. But, do remember, these are subject to change, it is not set in stone! 

So, what are the odds currently? Well, at the moment things are looking a bit like this; 

Colorado Avalanche:         -195 odds.
New York Rangers:           +310 odds.
Tampa Bay Lightning:     +600 odds
Edmonton Oilers:               +5500 odds.

The Hurricanes, Blues, Flames, and Panthers are all out, so at the moment things are looking promising for the Avalanche. 

With things still subject to change we have to consider the previous years. In the last two seasons the Tampa Bay Lightning have taken home the Stanley Cup, so it is still possible that the Lightning might catch up. 

It is best to keep an eye on the game and watch the playoffs carefully. 

On June 7th, we will see the Oilers face off against the Avalanche in the conference finals. We already saw them go head-to-head in a 2-4 win for Colorado. 

We also saw the Rangers face off the Lightning, in which Tampa Bay won 3-2.

Avalanche On Top! 

In the 3rd round of playoffs we are still trying to get a feel for the Stanley Cup odds, sure we know that the Colorado Avalanche is doing well, and they are on top, but there is every chance that the Tampa Bay Lightning will make a break for it. 

Since Tampa Bay took home the last 3 Stanley Cup trophies, anything is possible still. 

The Avalanche are still topping the game as the favorite at -150 odds, but any indication of what could happen is still up in the air. Our recommendation is to keep a close eye on Colorado and Tampa Bay alike. 

No disrespect to the Oilers or Rangers, but with these two teams having success so far like they have, it’s looking like it could be a light one between the two teams, and these could be our Stanley Cup contenders. 

But, don’t let us make these guesses for you, watch the playoffs, check the scores, and make a judgment for yourself. 

Colorado For The Favorite

Okay, sure, Colorado do not exactly have the best value out of the four teams left, but, they are a good pick to win with their current 3-0 lead over the Oilers. It’s kind of a no-brainer at this point. 

They have the best-expected goals % as well, as well as all their other percentages… Which just outshine the OIlers completely.  Their goalie situation is a bit touch-and-go, but it still doesn’t seem to matter that much.

We would love to be hopeful and say that we think the OIlers could catch up and win against the Avalanche, but we just aren’t seeing it, they would have to have a very sudden game change very fast at this point. 

Betting on Colorado making it to the Stanley Cup would be a wise move at this point. There are better value bets on the board, but this is probably the most secure. Value is not everything, especially if you lose! 

What Is The Best Bet?

However, we have to say a word or two about the Tampa Bay Lightning. Honestly, things are looking good for them. Okay, it was not exactly all sunshine and rainbows for them at MSg in Game 1 of the Eastern final, however, it’s not like they are slacking or anything.

Besides, we have to take into account that they have taken home the last 2 Stanley Cup’s, and they have a roster jam packed with playoff pedigree, and a top-notch goalie too. 

They do have some fairly good odds if we are honest, and while they are not the favorites, they have a good seat as the best bet.


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