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Olivier Lavorel Parents: Where Are Olivier Lavorel’s Parents?

In June, Olivier Lavorel was engaged in a crash that occurred on the first lap of the inaugural Sidecar race of the 2022 TT. The accident resulted in the death of Cesar Chanel, who was driving for the outfit that Lavorel was a part of.

Lavorel and Chanel were both rushed to the hospital, but when the news first broke that one of them had passed away, their identities were confused since they had switched their identity tags with one another before being sent there.

Olivier Lavorel
Olivier Lavorel

Before the confusion surrounding this matter was cleared up on the Wednesday of race week, it was first stated incorrectly that Lavorel had passed away.

After the incident, Lavorel was sent to a hospital in Liverpool to receive treatment, and then he was transferred to a hospital in France so that he could complete his treatment there.

Lavorel sadly passed away as a result of the injuries he sustained. At this point, he is the sixth competitor to lose their life at the 2022 TT.

Solo racers Mark Purslow and Davy Morgan, as well as the father-and-son Sidecar pair Roger and Bradley Stockton, have all lost their lives in accidents this year.

Since 1970, this is the first time there have been six competitors killed during the TT.

Olivier Lavorel Parents: Where Are Olivier Lavorel’s Parents?

The deceased racer, Olivier Lavorel, was the son of Mr. and Mrs. Lavorel. Olivier passed away as a result of the terrible injuries he sustained.

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