A nonagenarian Iranian man who gained the moniker of “world’s dirtiest” has reportedly passed away, just a few months after taking his first shower in more than 70 years. He was known for living in filth for much of his life.

Amou Haji, also known as “Uncle Haji,” passed away on Sunday in the hamlet of Dezhgah in the province of Fars in southern Iran, the Iranian news agency IRNA reported. He was 94 years old.

World's Dirtiest Man
World’s Dirtiest Man

Over the course of more than half a century, he has refrained from taking baths due to a variety of factors.

Haji’s neighbors once took him to the nearby river with the intention of giving him a bath; but, upon learning the purpose of their excursion, Haji hurled himself out of the moving vehicle.

He was frequently discovered wandering around the neighborhoods coated in soot and living in a cinder-block shanty that had been constructed by the neighborhood’s residents.

The hermit, who was 94 years old, believed that eating fresh food could make him sick, so he kept himself alive by eating rotting animal carcasses.

According to a report from the Tehran Times in 2014, he would smoke a pipe that was loaded with animal excrement. And was also seen smoking multiple cigarettes at the same time.

Was the World’s Dirtiest Man Married?

Amou Haji allegedly expressed regret at not being able to find a spouse, despite the fact that he had some difficulties in the process of meeting individuals, which are understandable.


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