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Omri Katz Parents: Meet Yoram Katz and Rina Katz

American actor Omri Katz is now retired. He appeared in Hocus Pocus, a fantasy comedy movie. In Hocus Pocus, he portrayed Max Dennis, a young man from Los Angeles, California, who had just relocated to Salem, Massachusetts. Walt Disney Pictures released Hocus Pocus in the United States in July 1993.

The movie’s plot revolves around a trio of evil, comic witches who accidentally come back to life on Halloween night in Salem, Massachusetts, thanks to a virgin adolescent lad (Omri Katz). Neil Cuthbert and Mick Garris wrote the screenplay, which Kenny Ortega directed.

Omri Katz

Disney lost roughly $16.5 million while the movie was playing in theaters as a result of the movie’s underwhelming box office performance and mixed to unfavorable reviews from reviewers. The movie Hocus Pocus has been rediscover by audiences, leading to an annual increase in home media sales of the movie over the Halloween season. The movie became a cult favorite in part because of the yearly Halloween celebration.

Omri Katz Parents: Meet Yoram Katz and Rina Katz

Omri Katz is the son of Israeli-Jewish immigrants, Yoram Katz and Rina Katz. Not much is known about them as they keep on the low.

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