Oswaldo Cabrera Stats

2016 3 Teams 52 197 .396 .523 33 68 15 4 4 25 14 21 7 .345
2017 2 Teams 112 408 .306 .321 49 103 14 1 4 53 30 57 8 .252
126 485 .273 .320 48 111 24 1 6 48 28 66 4 .229
TAM (A+)
120 450 .310 .378 55 117 29 0 8 56 33 105 10 .260
2021 2 Teams 118 467 .330 .533 72 127 31 2 29 89 41 127 21 .272
Career 8 Teams 528 2007 .314 .403 257 526 113 8 51 271 146 376 50 .262

Oswaldo Cabrera Scouting Report

Age: 22 yr
Height: 5-10
Weight: 145 lbs
Hits/Throws: S/R
Acquired: 2016 IFA
RuleV: Eligible

Physical Description

Cabrera is a tall man with a slim build. Despite the possibility, he could gain some muscle mass through his upbringing, he hasn’t done so.

With the field and at the plate, he possesses strong fast-twitch muscles that allow him to react quickly, resulting in his great hands and plus defensive upside.


It’s a straightforward, quick-to-the-ball strategy that Cabrera uses at the plate. From either side of the plate, the switch hitter has the potential to be an excellent player, thanks to his consistent barrel control and strong hands. a score of 55


Both his swing and body aren’t built for brute force. Rather than compromising potential power output in his load, the rapid swing from both sides of the plate is meant to achieve consistent, high-quality contact.

Despite the fact that he occasionally runs into the ball, he does not appear to be a threat to hit more than 10 home runs in a season at this moment. Grade point average: 30


Cabrera is an excellent all-around defender because of his versatility and quickness of movement. He has a great feel for his glove, and he does a great job of positioning his body for throws. rating: 50.


At third base, Cabrera has a good arm. While he has the ability to make tough throws, his overall grade may be better if he were to play on the other side of the infield. 50 scores


Although Cabrera has excellent quick twitch muscles, he lacks any form of elite speed; he is only ordinary to slightly above average in this area. While he may be restricted in the field as a result, the disadvantage to his offense is likely bigger.

Speed is always a good thing for a first baseman, even if he’s only mediocre. In the long run, his average profile could limit his entire package. 50 scores


Cabrera has a good overall package as a player, with a plus hit tool on both sides of the plate and a great defensive profile. However, the position he plays and his lack of top speed and/or power are holding him back.

While his lack of physical mass isn’t necessarily a deal breaker, the fact that he doesn’t bring another dimension to the basepaths keeps him from being a more promising possibility.

Defensively, he might benefit from moving to second base, while also providing him a more regular presence in the lineup across the league.

Clubs that don’t follow the cookie-cutter rule of “men of x build/skillset play here” may find a place for him at third base. To reach his full potential, he needs to use all of his abilities at the bat.

OFP: 40
Role: 40 – Below Average Player: Utility
Risk: High

Oswaldo Cabrera  Prospect Ranking

The Yankees System Prospect Ranking for Oswaldo Cabrera is presently unranked.



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