Pan Jiluan was a Chinese scientist who served as president of Nanchang University, and an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

He was a welding engineering expert who graduated from Tsinghua University in 1948. Pan is known for being a founding member of the first class of welding specialists in China’s colleges and institutions.

Pan Jiluan
Pan Jiluan

He invented plate electro slag welding and heavy hammer forging module build-up welding in the 1950s.

He demonstrated how argon arc welding may be used in nuclear reactor manufacturing during the following decade. He then completed the welding of the country’s first set of nuclear reactors, which were built independently.

Following this achievement, Pan created the first electronic beam welder and continued his research into the process of joint heat cracking.

He studied electric arc sensors in the 1970s and developed dynamic and static physical and mathematical models for them.

He also created the QH-ARC electric arc control system for welding.

Pan later took the lead in proposing the notion of the multi-fold eternal features of power sources, as well as investigating new channels for managing welding electric arcs and welding automation.

He was elected to the Chinese Academy of Sciences as an academician in 1980.

Pan Jiluan Cause Of Death; How Did Pan Jiluan Die?

Pan Jiluan died of an illness in Beijing at the age of 94, however, an actual cause of death is yet to be discovered and communicated.


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