Sen. Patrick Leahy of Vermont fell at home and shattered his hip; he will have surgery to fix it, his office announced on Thursday.

According to the statement, the Democrat, 82, was knocked down in McLean, Virginia, on Wednesday night. The best course of action, according to doctors, would be to have hip surgery as soon as feasible. Leahy was born blind in one eye.

According to the statement, the senator “has struggled with diminished depth perception for his whole life.” Over the years, he has taken some incredible hits, but this one eventually caught up with him.

Leahy was “expected to make a full recovery and promptly start a beneficial course of physical therapy. “The senator who has been in office the longest is Leahy. He declared in November that he will not run for office again this year. He will have spent 48 years in the Senate by the time his term ends in January 2023.

Hours after starting to preside over the second impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump in January 2021, Leahy was taken to the hospital. Leahy had been experiencing health issues, so she was brought there out of an excess of caution. He was inspected and then released to go home.

Leahy is the final representative of the so-called Watergate babies, a group of Democratic lawmakers who were elected in 1974 following President Richard Nixon’s resignation in order to avoid impeachment.


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