Patrick Joseph Leahy is an American politician and lawyer. He is the senior United States senator from Vermont and is also the president pro tempore of the United States Senate. Leahy was elected to the Senate for the first time in 1974.

Who is Patrick Leahy ‘s Wife Marcelle Pomerleau?

Marcelle Pomerleau is the daughter of Quebec-born French-Canadian immigrants who settled in Vermont. She was born in Newport, Vermont on December 16, 1941.

Marcelle & Patrick Leahy
Marcelle & Patrick Leahy

Pomerleau is a registered nurse and board member at the Prevent Cancer Foundation. In 1962, she wed Leahy, with whom she had three children: Mark, Alicia, and Kevin.

Pomerleau was diagnosed with melanoma in 2003 but has been successfully treated.

How Patrick Leahy Met His Wife Marcelle Pomerleau

Pomerleau and Leahy met at a summer party on the banks of Lake Champlain when Leahy was barely 19 years old.

She was 17, and Pomerleau defended herself by saying, “Translate that to guy doesn’t understand a girl being timid,” in response to Leahy adding, “I fell immediately and she ignored me.”

Their first date took place at a summer concert at the Pavilion Hotel, which is located just a few blocks from Montpelier Statehouse. They sat in their car and spoke the entire night while listening to the concert.

In 1962, while Leahy was in law school in Washington, D.C., the two married. Mark, Alicia, and Kevin are their three children, and there are five grandchildren in total.

In Middlesex, VT, they have a 300-acre farm. “We loathe it when we’re apart,” Leahy stated during their 50th-anniversary celebration in 2012.


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